Our School

Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr. Discovery Academy is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) high school with a focus on career and college readiness. Nesbitt Discovery Academy provides a challenging curriculum focused on preparing students for real world problem-solving, developing talent in STEM fields, and leading to industry credentialing and post-secondary credit acquisition. This newly designed twenty-first century public high school serves students from all six attendance districts and provides students an innovative experience preparing them for college and careers in STEM-related disciplines. Nesbitt Discovery Academy is supported by local business, industry, post-secondary, and community partners. The student-centered curriculum uses a project-based approach. We replicate an innovative, high-tech, research environment merging educational practices with business principles to provide a STEM-themed model school within the western region of North Carolina. Nesbitt Discovery Academy is a learning lab where students in their freshman year will begin earning college credit.

What Parents and Students say

" The instructors at NDA are top notch, outstanding in their fields and bring an expertise and knowledge that benefits each student personally. We are constantly amazed at the level of learning happening there. The students work very hard and it shows in the quality of work they produce. We feel blessed our son is able to attend NDA." -Jeff and Heather Pott | Parents


"I love how the students are exposed to a technology based work environment where collaboration can occur so seamlessly. This will support the transition into the college and the modern office environment. Mastery of these tools are essential to the new way of doing business." -John Palko | Parent


"I appreciate that students at NDA are challenged by caring, knowledgeable teachers and feel confident this rigorous learning environment will prepare my son for wherever his career path leads him." -Amy Dowling | Parent


"Nesbitt Discovery Academy is a wonderful opportunity not only for our students, but our employers and community. NDA offers a culture not only of academic growth and achievement, but personal as well. Students are encouraged to express themselves and their ideas. We are excited to see what the future holds for our students and school. We have waited for many years for an idea of a "STEM" school to come to fruition. It is exciting to see how all of the hard work is paying off and the wonderful school that is now a reality. Thank you for all that you do each day with our students." -Sherrie Byrd | Parent


"I feel like this school does a great job of using hands-on learning instead of sitting in a desk all day. The other students are focused and not lazy. The teachers like to get to know you. Overall, the experience is AMAZING!" -Tristan Rice | Student


"What I love about NDA is that everything is hands-on and I learn so much from every subject. I can put everything I learn into real life situations. Everyone here is so nice and I love being able to go to a school where everyday is different and unique, but always fun." -Lauren Ballard | Student


"The thing I love about NDA is the great opportunities to expand your knowledge and not being told why something is true, but having the opportunity to discover it yourself. Everyone cares about their work and takes care of the school. It is great seeing everyone get along and grow close friendships." -Brooklyn Angel | Student


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175 Bingham Rd, STE 10

Asheville, NC 28806


Learn more about the Martin L. Nesbitt Discovery Academy in this feature honoring our 2019 school and At-Large District Teacher of the Year, Mr. Paul Irvin: