History Web Links

 World History

Ancient History Encyclopedia: Detailed background source with extensive articles on topics from our first units.

Asia for Educators: Columbia University's extensive archive of primary sources and secondary articles related to the history and culture of Asia.

Avalon Project: An extensive collection of digitized primary sources in law, government, and foreign policy from Yale University. 

Bridging World History: An online textbook that covers major themes, events, and patterns across global history.

British Museum: Curated source for artifacts and art from world history.  Some online exhibits as well.

Crash Course World History:  John Green's rapid fire video overview of world history in 42 episodes.  Sophisticated and humorous.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project: An extensive collection of digitized primary sources from Fordham University.

Maps of War: Interactive animated maps of change over time with war, religion, and government.

Oxford Reference: A good starting point in your search.  This comprehensive world history timeline provides basic time/place context and links to a short background article. 


US History

American Heritage Online:

A good starting point in your search for articles by historians about US History.  These magazine articles are written for the layperson so they present a basic and understandable introduction to key people and events in American history.  Use the homepage's American eras timeline to help you find a topic!

American Experience:

Website for the PBS documentary series on US history.  Shows collection of documentaries, some of which can be streamed.  Also has very nice photo galleries on a wide range of topics.

American Memory:

The digitized collections of the Library of Congress.  A wealth of primary source visuals, videos, etc from American history.

Colonial Williamsburg:

A variety of primary and secondary information on the 18th century south.

Living Room Candidate:

Television ads for presidential candidates from 1952 to 2008.  

National Archives:

Huge collection of historical documents and federal records.

National History Day Contest:

The official website for the national competition.  Find your theme information, project requirements, and steps for getting started here.

National Museum of American History:

Information and images of a wide array of American artifacts.

NC Digital Archives:

A large collection of primary sources from NC history including digitized newspapers, photos, and videos.  Good for state or regional issue projects.

NC Museum of History:

NC artifacts collection and online exhibits of state history.