AHI Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebook Guidelines


Materials:  1 9X11 spiral notebook, college ruled, 100 pages minimum      

 Purpose: An interactive notebook is an organized and creative system of demonstrating your learning in a course. Your notebook will be one of your best tools for referencing information for assignments in class. Each notebook will organize 9 weeks worth of new material.

 Contents: Everything.  Every note you take, every hand out you receive will be put into this notebook.  I’ll be watching you add them to your notebook on a daily basis. The only exceptions to this rule will be tests and projects that will be stored in a classroom portfolio for you.  Unit dividers and tables of contents will help you reference information you need to find in the notebook.

 Personal Connections:  For each unit, you will be expected to add 1 “Personal Connection” entry to your notebook.  You must find outside articles, cartoons, photos, etc, tape them in your notebook, and write a 5 sentence response to each.  Extra PCs get you extra credit.

 Absences:  If you are absent, check the teacher interactive notebook to collect and add the materials you missed.  Talk to me about how to make up your work before/after class.

 Grading:  Notebooks will be graded frequently at first as you start the class.  After the fist unit, they will be graded after the unit test.  The notebook will be graded with a rubric and weighted like a test.  Individual assignments in the notebook will be graded separately as well. You may also get a notebook quiz!


Notebook Rubric


I: Needs Improvement

II: Fair

III: Good

IV: Excellent

Unit Divider


Heading only

Heading and unrelated visuals

Heading, decent sentence and related visuals

Heading, quality sentence and connected visuals

Table of Contents/ Homework

¼ recorded and complete

1/2 recorded and complete

¾ recorded and complete

All recorded and complete


¼ notes included

1/2 notes included

3/4 notes included

All notes through and included

Preview/ processing

brief, general, not complete sentences

Some substance, some facts, some sentences

Sustantial, complete sentences,

Thoughtful, well developed, complete sentences


¼ work done

½ work done

3/4 work done

All work done



¼ assignments numbered, in order

½ assignments numbered, in order

3/4 assignments numbered, in order

All assignments numbered, in order

Personal Connections

1 attached article

1 descriptive, short PC

1 descriptive, developed PC

1 evaluative, developed PC



Hard to read

Somewhat easy to read

Mostly easy to read

Perfectly easy to read