Kayler, David (English)

*Important Note - The above video was recorded for the previous school year when a large portion of our semester was conducted primarily online. Thankfully, we will be fully in-person this time, so ignore those references to Zoom!  (The stuff about me is still true though.)

On "Supplies" - For this class there are no special supply requirements beyond the basic materials that are helpful to have in school (a binder, something to write with, etc.).  Sticky notes and index cards can be great study tools to have on hand too!

Below, you can learn more about your specific course.   You can access a copy of the full course description and a link to a FAMILY SURVEY. Parents/guardians, please complete this survey after reviewing the course information.

I'm looking forward to getting to work with you this semester!  Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or comments at any time via my email:


English I

NDA Engl I Honors Syllabus.docx

English I: Family Survey - Please Complete!

English II

NDA Engl II Honors Syllabus.docx 

English II: Family Survey - Please Complete!