Standards-Based Grading

What is Standards-Based Grading?

When you log into your parent portal, you may notice that your student's grades look different than they may have in the past. I use Standards-Based Grading (SBG) to assess student work. All graded formal assessments are based upon specific ACTFL standards. Students are then assigned a level of mastery of this standard/skill(s). Instead of just using numbers, I also assign students a level (See the link below for a description of each level). I find that this helps students to grasp the concept that mastery of skills is a process, and isn't always a linear one. Students are also given a traditional grade of correct/total number of questions since they will want to see which areas they may especially need improvement. 

Proficiency targets.pdf

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How Do Assessment Retakes Work?
All assessments scoring below a Proficient (Typically a 75 or 7.5 or below) require a retake during  SMART Lunch on Monday & Thursday during session B. Retakes will also need to be completed within two weeks of the original assessment, and each assessment many be retaken only one time. For a retake to be granted, you must complete the following:

1) Make an appointment to retake the assessment, so that I will have the appropriate materials on hand and since there are only 5 retake slots per SMART Lunch session. \

2)Come to at least one SMART Lunch session, review you assessment, and study or practice the necessary skill. 

3)Turn in a log that documents what activities you have completed to seek further mastery of the skill.