Homework and Resources for Additional Practice

The only formal homework that will be given is weekly lessons on Duo Lingo, a free language program and app. This program covers many of the target structures that are covered in class as well as supplementary structures. It is in a game format, and can be a lot of fun! On average 30-45 minutes of lessons will be given per week. These lessons may be completed if in-class assignments are completed early, during SMART lunch, or at home. A Work Habits grade of complete or incomplete will be assigned for finishing the assigned lessons. 

Note: A student may be asked to rework lessons if his/her skills score below a certain level. The program gives me instant feedback about a student's strengths and weaknesses. Also, students may be required to work on certain projects outside of class if all work is not completed in class. 

If you are looking for additional practice to strengthen skills, see the resources listed in the document below:

Helpful Tips and Resources.docx

Again, do not hesitate to email me with any questions at christina.hawkins@bcsemail.org