Glass, René (Health/Physical Education)

Welcome to my classroom!

René Glass

Health and Physical Education / PED 211

"Attitude is a choice,
Think positive thoughts daily.
Believe in yourself."
                                                Pat Summit 

This is my 17th year in education. I have worked with Buncombe County Schools since 2007 have been a part of the M.L. Nesbitt Discovery Academy family for 5 years. 

I graduated from Emory & Henry College in Virginia with a BA in Physical Education. I earned a MS in Physical Education from Ohio University. 

I will be teaching Health & Physical Education – PED 211 which includes new games, life-long fitness and team building.  Students in my classes will experience the integration of technology throughout their health & physical education class.   
Students will use their devices to maintain a digital notebook, develop personal fitness portfolios,  collect and analyze data. We will use of video editing software to create skill evaluations.