Interpreting Gradebook/ Parent Portal

As you log in to Parent Portal to check your student's Math grade, it may look a little different than most classes you've seen before.  What you will notice is that each assignment is listed as a learning target, and each learning target is worth a total of 5 points each.
What I've done is given you (as the student) the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on every target in a variety of ways (exit slips, quizzes, unit tests, etc.).  I've also included an Outcome for participation, which includes your toolkit & group work, and an Outcome for high performance targets.  These used to be 0-1, you either got credit for the learning target or you didn't.  Now you can have a score ranging from 0-5 as follows:
5- You have mastered the skill on your first try and have shown you remember it!
4- You proved that you definitely understand this skill.
3.5- You understand the skill, just made a minor mistake.
3- You mostly get it, but are still stuck on some parts.
2- You have an idea of what to do, but still need a lot of work.
1- You tried the skill but it wasn't on the right track. Ask for help!
0- You left the question blank... Ask for help right now!! 
I will be more than happy to walk you through the grading process in more detail as well as explain more about Outcome Based Assessment.  Also, if you have any questions about it you can email me at