PLTW Virtual Classroom Information

Remote Learning and Virtual Classroom Information and Procedures

Remote learning, and virtual classrooms via the Canvas Learning Management System will be the standard for the  2020-2021 Academic year. 

Students and parents will find it necessary to become intimately familiar with how this platform works, and how to navigate, and use it successfully. Please navigate to the How to use Canvas page below to prepare for this. 

Students will be accessing Canvas on a daily basis in order to: get daily announcements with details on exactly what to do each day; access lesson pages that contain all resources needed (including power points, texts, activity sheets, and instructional videos); they will participate in daily discussions, and submit their work; and take quizzes and tests.

Students and Parents, it is necessary to become completely familiar with Canvas, how to access information, lessons and course activity and how to submit work. It is key to being able to conduct remote learning. Please visit the "How to use Canvas LMS" tab at the left of this page. 

During virtual days, my office hours will be from 2:30 pm-3:30 pm
. I will check email during this time, as well as conduct video conferences as needed. 

Please email me at:  and let me know if you have any questions. 

Please see the next page for a list of required materials.