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*If you receive scholarship offers from organizations or colleges, even if you choose not to use them, bring Mrs. Carter a copy ASAP!  We will use this information for Academic Awards Night.

This page will be continually updated.  Please see below a few basic steps to follow based upon what year in high school you are as well as great places to search for scholarships.  Please understand that the sea of scholarships is vast and what will be posted here is by no means an exhaustive list!  There are many more than our local scholarships to choose from so the earlier you start your search the better.  REMEMBER: Legitimate scholarship search programs will not as for payment for their services.

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Download the Scholarship Application Organizer to keep track of what you are applying for.  Simply make a copy of the Google Doc or download to use as excel.  The first line has been filled in as an example: SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION ORGANIZER


(Make sure to check back frequently.  This website will be updated as they are sent my way)

QuestBridge College Match: Deadline- 9/27/18, Potential Full Ride Scholarship to participating colleges (Binding decisions)

Morehead-Cain Preliminary Application: Deadline- 9/17/18 to Mrs. Carter, 2 school nominees chosen from scholarship committee 

Park Scholarship Preliminary Application: Deadline- 9/17/18 to Mrs. Carter, 2 school nominees chosen from scholarship committee

Levine Scholars Nomination Request: Deadline- 9/25/18 to Mrs. Carter.  More details on the scholarship here: Levine Scholars

Roan Scholars Preliminary Application: Deadline- 9/17/18 to Mrs. Carter. More details on the scholarship here: Roan Scholars

Coca-Cola Scholars Program: Deadline- 10/31/18, $20,000

Morehead-Cain Scholarship: Deadline- 10/15/18, Fully funded, renewable, UNC-Chapel Hill.  School nominee deadline 9/15/18.  Please see above under September.

Park Scholarship: Deadline- 10/15/18, Fully funded, renewable, NC State.  School nominee deadline 9/15/18.  Please see above under September.

Belk Scholarship Nomination Request: Deadline- 10/18/17 to Mrs. Carter.  Fully funded 4-year scholarship to Davidson College.  2 school nominees chosen from scholarship committee.  More details here: Belk

NC State Centennial Scholarship Nomination Request: Deadline- 10/15/17.  If you are planning on attending NC State and pursuing a degree in College of Textiles see Mrs. Carter by 10/1/18.

Golden Door Scholars: Deadline- 10/25/17, provides scholarships for DACA students only

Cheatham-White Scholarship: Deadline- 11/1/17, Fully funded 4-year scholarship to NCA&T and NCCU

The Robertson Scholarship: Deadline- 11/15/18, Fully funded 4-year scholarship to UNC/Duke

The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship: Deadline- 11/15/18, Fully funded 4- year scholarship to UNC Chapel Hill.  Must have applied early admission to UNC-Chapel Hill.

UT Dallas McDermott Scholars: Deadline- 11/2/17, Fully funded scholarship to UT Dallas.

NC State Centennial Scholarships Self-Nomination: Deadline- 11/30/17, $67-500 - $97, 500 over 4 years to NC State.

i3 Scholarship Program for AB Tech: Deadline- 11/30/17, $4,000 renewable for 2 years for AB Tech students enrolled in STEM disciplines (AE, AS, AAS).


NC State Goodnight Scholars Self-Nomination: Deadline- 12/1/18, $78,000 for 4 years.  More details here: Goodnight Scholars

Botson University Trustee Scholarship: Deadline- 12/1/2018, covers undergraduate tuition for 4 years.  

Beauty + Wellness Scholarships for Women: Deadline- 1/1/18, $1000 + an organic beauty basket

Asheville Young Woman Leadership Award: Deadline- 1/5/18, $500 awarded to a current Junior.

Lenoir-Rhyne Teaching Scholars: Deadline- 1/10/18, up to $5,500 per year for students pursuing teaching at Lenoir-Rhyne. 

Gettysburg College STEM Scholarship: Deadline- 1/15/18, four years covered if in the STEM field.

Harry W. Clarke Memorial Scholarship Programs- William A. Hart Award (2 year college): Deadline- 1/17/18, $1,000 renewable

Harry W. Clarke Memorial Scholarship Programs- Harry W. Clarke Award (4 year college): Deadline- 1/17/18, $2,000 renewable

Gettysburg College STEM Scholars Program: Deadline- 1/15/18, 4 year scholarship + extras

Nathaniel Ellis Cannady, Jr. Scholarship: Deadline- 1/26/18, $7,500 renewable.

Dr. Brian Ling Memorial Scholarship: Deadline- 1/26/18, $1000.

Captain John G Gardner, USMC, Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Scholarship: Deadline- 1/26/18, $1000.

S. Hayes Robinson Memorial Dance Scholarship: Deadline- 1/26/18, $1000

Rotary Club of Asheville Harry R Morrill Scholarship: Deadline- 1/26/18, $4,000.

WNC Regional Scholarships: Deadline- 1/26/18, up to $5,000 renewable.

Irving Jacob Reuter Award: Deadline- 1/26/18, $10,000 renewable for up to 3 years.

NHS Scholarship: Deadline- 1/30/18, Up to $22,650 for NHS member in good standing.

FFA Scholarships: Deadline- 2/1/18, several to choose from.  Online application.  You do NOT have to be an FFA member to apply.

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship: Deadline- 2/1/18, Up to $30,000 over 4 years.

SECU People Helping People Scholarship: Deadline to be EMAILED to Mrs. Carter- 2/21/18, $10,000 payable at 1,250 for up to 8 consecutive semesters.  Scholarship application must be EMAILED in WORD format to Mrs. Carter by 2/21/18.  No late or incomplete applications will be excepted.  You must also email the Consent Form with your application.  See below to download all documents:

SECU People Helping People Application- WORD FORMAT ONLY emailed to Mrs. Carter by 2/21/18
SECU Consent Form- PDF emailed to Mrs. Carter by 2/21/18
SECU Eligibility Criteria- for your reference
Guidelines for writing your Bio- for your reference
Example Application submission- for your reference

Golden Leaf Scholars: Deadline- 3/1/18, $3,000 a year for up to 4 years

African American Network of the Carolinas: Deadline- 3/2/18, Up to $2,000

North Carolina Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship Application: Deadline- 3/15/18, $2,000 non-renewable for various scholarships. 

Asheville Wilbert Vault Service Scholarship: Deadline- 3/16/18, $2,000. For students interested in the funeral service industry.

John Francis Amherst Cecil Scholarship: Deadline- 3/16/18, $2,000.  Legal dependents of current year-round full-time employees, year-round part-time employees or seasonal full-time employees of Biltmore, with one year of completed service at the time of application.

Roger W. Morrison Scholarship: Deadline- 3/16/18, $750.  Fund was created to assist the employees, spouses of employees, and children of employees of Pathologist Medical Laboratory and Mission Hospitals Laboratories with the rising costs of higher education

FOR CURRENT JUNIORS- QuestBridge College Prep Scholars Program: Deadline 3/21/18, Potential Full-Ride to select colleges.

BCS Foundation Scholarships: Deadline- 3/23/18 to Mrs. Carter, several scholarships for varying amounts.  IMPORTANT: Please read the packet carefully and turn in ALL required materials or your application will NOT be considered (Application, Financial Aid Info Sheet, Copy of  your FAFSA, Resume, Transcript, Copy of SAT/ACT Score Report, 2 letters of rec, essay).

Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Phi Chapter Scholarship: Deadline- 3/28/18, $1,000 renewable for 4 years.  In an effort to encourage and support young women aspiring to become teachers this scholarship was established. The award is given to a high school senior who is enrolling in a college or university majoring in education with the goal of teaching.


Asheville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Deadline- 4/2/2018.

Black Orthodontics Scholarship: Deadline- 4/16/2018 to Mrs. Carter, $500.  Pursuing a field of study in healthcare.

Kesha Young Scholarship Program: Deadline- 4/27/2018, varies $1,500 and $2,500.  Pursuing a field of study in healthcare. 

Details of the scholarship here: Details and Instructions
Scholarship Application here: Application

AB Tech CNA Scholarship: Deadline-4/27/2018, covers the full cost of the CNA-1 program at AB Tech.

Details of the scholarship here: CNA-1 Scholarship details
Scholarship Application here: Application


St. Luke's Episcopal Church Scholarship Application: Deadline- 5/1/2018, up to $1,000 renewable.

Quit Smoking Scholarship: Deadline- 5/31/18, $5,000.

ZipRecruiter Scholarship: Deadline- 6/30/2018, $3,000. 

SCHOLARSHIP SEARCHES (remember that legitimate search services will not ask for payment for their services):


College Navigator

 Peterson's Scholarship Search Engine

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

College Foundation of NC (

College Board:



Federal Student Aid:


College Affordability Guide:

GoodCall Scholarship Engine:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund:

Scholarships for students with learning and attention issues:

fafa info

Your high school counselor is not a financial advisor, luckily, you are an AB Tech student and can make an appointment with a financial aid expert for help filling out your FAFSA after October 1st of your senior year!  Make an appointment by clicking here: FAFSA Help Appointment 




o   Fall-winter: develop ideas for service and leadership opportunities, maintain highest possible GPA, score as well as possible on PLAN test in preparation for junior year's ACT, participate in as many clubs and/or extracurricular opportunities as reasonably fits in your schedule

o   Spring: Seek out summer opportunities that relate to potential majors you may be considering for college or related to helping you develop an idea of places you may want to go to college, seek out opportunities for SAT prep to improve your chances at earning a high SAT score, maintain highest possible GPA, earn highest scores possible on AP/College exams

o   Summer: Take advantage of the summer opportunities you found, continue to build up your resume's service and leadership section by doing what you can during the summer, continue to brainstorm where you may want to attend college

·          Juniors:

o   Fall: Implement service and leadership opportunities, attend a college fair, maintain highest possible GPA, score as well as possible on PSAT to attempt to earn Merit Scholar status (helps a lot with scholarships), participate in as many clubs and/or extracurricular opportunities as reasonably fits in your schedule

o   Winter-spring: Sign up for a free CFNC Financial Aid/Scholarship workshop, earn high scores on SAT and ACT, maintain highest possible GPA, earn highest scores possible on AP/College exams, plan some college visits for summer to help you decide where to go, seek out opportunities to get volunteer hours over the summer in a field you may be interested in majoring in

o   Summer: Continue service and/or leadership activities, visit colleges, finalize resume, start applying to colleges (CFNC, Common App, and the schools you are considering), register for SAT or ACT (if still needed), set up time with counselor to confirm you are set up for graduation

·          Seniors:

o   Fall: Make sure college applications are in, attend a College Fair, step up scholarship search now that you have narrowed down the schools you are applying to, attend a free CFNC Scholarship/Financial aid Workshop, line up teachers willing to write recommendations for you, keep GPA as high as possible, continue to participate in extracurricular activities

o   Winter: Continue to seek scholarships and admission to colleges, attend a CFNC Financial Aid Workshop, complete FAFSA (make sure parents have completed income tax forms as you must have this for this process), receive Student Aid Report (SAR) and make changes if necessary, contact colleges that you want to enroll in to confirm that they have your financial aid information and admission paperwork, keep GPA as high as possible, continue to participate in extracurricular activities

o   Spring: Receive acceptance letters and financial aid offers before deciding what college to enroll in, continue to seek scholarships, request final transcript to be sent to college, get highest possible scores on AP Exams and keep GPA high, graduate


ACT's How To Pay For College eBook: download here

Sallie Mae's College Planning Toolbox is a suite of free tools, calculators, and resources to help students and families navigate their way through every phase of saving, planning and paying for college. The toolkit consists of a Free Scholarship Search of more than 3 million available scholarships; a College Planning Calculator to assist students in starting their financial plan for college; and the CollegeAhead Mobile App which uses fun, interactive games, challenges and exercises to take high school juniors and seniors step-by-step through the process of college prep.