Letter of Recommendation Request

If you need a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, college application, etc you need to allow at least 1 week for your teacher/counselor to get this back to you or mail this off.  Fill out the LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION REQUEST FORM and turn it in to the teacher or counselor you are asking the reference from.  Make sure to attach a resume or fill out the Personal Data Sheet included.  Keep in mind that your teachers and counselor may be filling out several of these for different students so providing as much information as possible and turning it in well ahead of time will be important.

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*Important Reminder About COLLEGE APPLICATIONS:
If you are submitting an online college application that requests your counselor's information and input, please check with the counselor in order to make sure the request was received.  We all know how technology is and sometimes those requests never make it to our inboxes.  Also, please check the status of your application a few days before it is due to make sure all parties have completed their portions.  If not, this will give you time to send a friendly reminder.  Thank you!