Welcome Back to School

2020-2021 School Year Opening
Posted on 08/09/2020
Back to School

2020-2021 School Year Opening Letter

Welcome NDA Charger Families! 

Although we are starting school in the most unusual of circumstances, WE ARE READY and are very much looking forward to another great year!

Below you will find lots of information to start the year:

Buncombe County Schools has provided up-to-date information throughout our re-entry planning that includes resources to help support families as students participate in Plan B- Beyond and begin learning remotely.  You will find our COVID-19 safety procedures and protocols that all schools are following to ensure the safety of all as we on-board our students in-person.  Link here:  https://buncombeschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=92531&pageId=7529855.  

Plan B- Beyond

For those students participating in Plan B- Beyond, below are our NDA groupings:

Group A last names A-K

Days of in person on-boarding are:  8/17 (1st period), 8/19 (2nd period), 8/24 (3rd period), 8/26 (4th period)

Group B last names L-Z

Days of in person on-boarding are:  8/18 (1st period), 8/20 (2nd period), 8/25 (3rd period), 8/27 (4th period)

On-boarding times each day are:   9:25am-12:30pm Monday-Thursday.  Students may arrive to school no earlier than 8:30am.  Friday is remote learning for all students with no structured schedule to follow as students work independently. 

Social distancing will be maintained throughout the day and students will remain in the classroom of the period assigned for the day with their classmates.  Minimal movement is expected being that we will not change classes and intermingle. 

Lunch will be delivered to classrooms and is provided at no cost to all students for our on-boarding days.  Breakfast is free always and served to all students as a ‘grab and go’ as students arrive to school each morning.  Families can access a free/reduced lunch application form here:  https://www.buncombeschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=92531&pageId=253029.  Also, you can pay online using our online service here:  https://www.buncombeschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=92531&pageId=4088060.    Again, lunch will be provided at no cost for on-boarding days and breakfast is free to students always.  Students may bring their lunch as well.

Face coverings will always be worn by everyone with breaks for students determined by individual teachers.  Classrooms are arranged to ensure 6 feet distance is between seating.  Students will use their own supplies or those provided by their teacher for individual use. 

Screening to include temperature checks will take place as students arrive in their cars whether as a passenger or a driver.  Bus riders will be screened before loading the bus each morning. 

Don’t forget to bring your device fully charged to school and your charger just in case! 

We are not able to dispense medications unless for emergencies so be sure your child takes their mediation as needed before school. 

Visitors will not be permitted in the building. 

Additional in-person learning days will be determined after the first 6-weeks of school. 

Remote- only

For those students participating in Remote- only, on-boarding will occur virtually during the first 2 weeks in the afternoon each day between 1-3:30pm.  Teachers will be in contact with their remote-only students with more specific details via email by Friday, 8/14.

Meet the Teacher will occur virtually on Thursday, August 13th.  Teachers will post a video on their website as a Welcome to their class and include pertinent information for students to be ready to begin the year.   The video will allow families to have flexibility in accessing at a time that fits in their day beginning Thursday, 8/13.  Parents can Zoom with their child’s individual teachers Thursday, 8/13 as well.  Times by department for family Zooms are:

English- 10am

Math- 10:45am

Science- 11:30am

Social Studies- 12:15pm

PLTW- 1pm

Physical Education- 1:45pm

Foreign Language- 2:30pm

Teachers will send a Zoom invitation to student emails for the times noted above.  Please check with your student to access the link. 

Freshman Orientation is scheduled for Friday, August 14th virtually.  Freshman students will receive information before Friday with more details from our counselors, Ms. Jensen and Ms. Yeager.  New students who do not yet have a school email address will be contacted via the email provided in their NDA application.    

A-B Tech courses taught by A-B Tech instructors will be paired with an NDA success lab teacher to assist and monitor progress throughout the semester.  Plan B- Beyond students will report to school on in-person ‘on-boarding’ days to meet with their NDA success lab teacher.  A-B Tech instructors will communicate with students virtually at times, but the course is asynchronous meaning there is no set scheduled time for the course as students will work at their own pace completing assignments as expected.  Remote- only students will ‘check-in’ with their success lab teachers virtually beginning August 17th for on-boarding.  Success lab teachers will email students to schedule their on-boarding time for ‘check-in’.

NCVPS students will report to school (plan B- beyond) for on-boarding to meet with their success lab teacher.  Remote- only students will meet virtually with their success lab teacher in the afternoon hours.  Mrs. Shelley Hawkins will send you an email by Friday of this week with your scheduled Zoom time.

Remote for All Schedule beginning Week 3 for ALL students (both Plan B- Beyond and Remote- only) will be synchronous at the following times Monday-Friday each week:

7:30am-9am Teacher Planning and PLC’s

9-9:55am- 1st Period

10-10:55am- 2nd Period

11-11:55am-  lunch

12-12:55pm- 3rd Period

1pm-1:55pm- 4th Period

2pm-3:30pm Teacher Office Hours

Beginning Week 3, all students will log-in for a 30-45 minute Zoom session with their class each day following the schedule above.  Teachers will prepare and deliver engaging standards-based lessons that allow for students to interact with their peers and develop a sense of community online with their classmates.  Students will then be given time to work independently or collaboratively with access to their teacher as needed for the remainder of the class period.  Our synchronized learning will model face-to-face learning to the greatest extent possible.  Teachers will also have office hours scheduled from 2-3:30pm to work with students for personalized learning and an additional 30 minutes during a SMART lunch period.  A-B Tech courses will be asynchronized so students will ‘check-in’ with their success lab teacher during the scheduled period and work on their course.  Attendance will be taken for Zoom sessions and students will be graded on their assignments and demonstrations of content mastery. 

Senior Pictures are scheduled for Wednesday, 8/12 by appointment in our NDA gymnasium.  Contact LifeTouch if you have any questions:  Leah S. Baker, lbaker@lifetouch.com

Buses are coordinated by base schools.  Please contact your base school regarding any transportation questions.  Students will need to arrive to their base school for the 'shuttle' to NDA by the following times:
Owen 8:50am (Bus 244)
Enka 8:40am (Bus 126)
NB 8:40am (Bus 256 am, Bus 243 pm)
ACR 8:50am (Bus 527)
TCR 8:50am(Bus 516 am, Bus 97 pm)
Erwin 8:30am (Bus 269)
Students who ride the 'shuttle' bus back to their base school will arrive back to their base school by 1pm each afternoon.
As always, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!