Robotics Team Competes at Regionals

TSA Robotics Team Takes 6th Place at App State
Posted on 02/27/2019
NDA Robotics TeamNesbitt Discovery Academy students work throughout the year to prepare for regional and state competitions with the Technology Student Association. The robotics team, led by Mr. Zachary Hite, has been meeting several times a week since the start of the school year to build, program, and test their robot. This year's challenge requires robots to launch objects at flags, stack mobile bases on poles, and park on elevated platforms. The teams are setup in multiple matches with every combination of alliance pairing, and compete many times. Some of these challenges are done with the robot driving itself, during the autonomous round. After autonomous, driver control round begins and teams try to score as many points as possible before times runs out. The highest scoring alliance wins the match.

NDA students Ezequiel Gonzalez, Tyler Gleydura, Zeke Dadian, and Brody Epler competed with their robot in the regional conference last weekend at Appalachian State University. With fourteen teams in their division they came home with a sixth place finish. After this competition the team is re-evaluating and redesigning their robot to be more competitive and easier to work with. They are looking forward to bringing their updated robot to the state conference in Greensboro April 4-6.