NDA Leadership in the Making

NDA Leadership in the Making
Posted on 02/20/2020
In learning to be more effective leaders, Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr. Discovery Academy students were challenged to better understand themselves and their peers.   Ms. Suzie Pruett’s class welcomed North Carolina Outward Bound School’s Director of Education Dr. Gordon Grant to lead them in a series of activities designed to assess leadership styles and personalities. Dr. Grant sorted students into groups by personality and then strategically distributed them into groups to solve a complex puzzle.

“We learned how to communicate with people of other thinking,” Pruett said. “It was about making sure you were hearing everyone’s voice in a group.”

Each group had 20 minutes to follow directions and assemble a large wooden puzzle, all while keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each member’s leadership style. Throughout the process, Pruett was struck that students self-assessed their personalities differently than she would have guessed. In the end, the NDA students not only learned a lot about themselves, they also assembled the puzzle faster than any group Dr. Grant had visited previously.

“Knowing your strengths and knowing your weaknesses are part of becoming a good leader,” Pruett said. “These are skills that our seniors will need when they graduate."

By: Benjamin Rickert, BCS Communications