NDA Physical Education Teacher Wins State Award

NDA Physical Education Teacher Wins State Award
Posted on 02/11/2020
René Glass (left) poses with BCS Health Education Coordinator Debbie Bryant at the February 2020 school board meeting.Pictured: René Glass (left) poses with BCS Health Education Coordinator Debbie Bryant at the February 2020 school board meeting.

By Tim Reaves
BCS Communications Department

Classic rock pumped through the loudspeaker in the Nesbitt Discovery Academy gym in the fall while students ran through a cardiac routine.

Their heart rates showed up on a Smart Board in the corner, color-coded to let each student know how close they were to their individualized targets. Physical Education teacher René Glass demonstrated the proper motions and how to optimize the workout.

“We’re collecting data on the duration of our workouts, max heart rate, average heart rate, and the duration for each of the heartrate zones,” she said. “Then each student will analyze their own data to make an improvement plan.”

Ms. Glass recently received the High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year award from the North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, and Sport Management. The reasons are clear. She integrates digital tools and research methods into her classroom. She teaches movement following a sequential, standards-based curricula. Students participate in a wide variety of activities like yoga, Tabata, disc golf, pickleball, geocaching, Spikeball, and DrumFIT.

Most importantly, Ms. Glass focuses on “physical literacy,” the knowledge base and tools that students need to feel confident as they pursue healthful living in the future. They leave her class knowing how to safely use workout equipment, how to safely exercise, and the scientific basis of good habits.

“I want my students to develop the motivation and ability to understand various forms of movement, demonstrate a variety of movements confidently and competently, and make healthy, active choices that are both beneficial to and respectful of themselves, others and the environment,” she said.

BCS Healthful Living Coordinator Debbie Bryant nominated Ms. Glass for the award, citing her “intense dedication to her job and her determination to reach the needs and activity interests of all of her students.”

“She plans and implements a comprehensive curriculum that includes activities that students can participate in all their lives,” Ms. Bryant said. “René is a strong advocate for the profession and serves as a teacher leader in our district. BCS is fortunate to have teachers like René serving in our district.”