EDD Capstone Presentations

EDD Capstone Project Presentations
Posted on 12/14/2020

Congratulations to all of our seniors who finished their Engineering Design and Development course and capstone presentations on Thursday night.  Students in EDD have been working in teams to create a unique solution to a real world problem.  These students have applied all of the skills they have learned in Project Lead the Way classes throughout their time here at NDA in order to complete this capstone project.  Please click their portfolio links below to learn more about their projects.  

WNC Bird Population Sarita, Jackson, Amelia, Leah

The Pollinator Problem
Lucas, Katrina, Emma, Faith

Innovating Sanitation
Ariana, Maria, Tessa

Protecting Your Hearing
AJ, Matthew

Plastic Ocean Pollution
Raya, Bailey, Simon

Windshield Glare
Makenna, Citlali, Danneal

Stargazing and Light Pollution
Keyana, Eve, Isabella

Potted Plants
Harlan, Jordan, Karleigh, Clarissa

Drowsy Drivers
Perry, Madison, Elisa

Cooling Box for Vehicles
Hannah, Isaac, Brendan, Jade

Children in Hot Cars
John, Aiden, Davis, Tyler

Omni Mask
Gabe, Adian, Joseph, Daniel

Sydney, Peyton, Lily, Rae

Plastic to Clothing
Jarib, Rylie, Christian