Standards Based Grading

Outcome Based Grading

As you log in to Parent Portal to check your student's math grade, it may look a little different than most classes you've seen before.  What you will notice is that most entries are listed as learning targets, which are worth a total of 5 points each.  These make up 75% of the grade.  What I've done is given you (as the student) the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on every target in a variety of ways (exit slips, quizzes, unit tests, etc.).  Finally, each outcome will have a few assignment grades.  These can include classwork, homework, group projects, interactive notebook grades, or participation. 

Grade Scale
Students are able to recover learning targets, but should not expect to do so without showing evidence of effort, including completion of class work, homework assignments, and corrected "not yet" proficient problems they have attempted. You should seek additional help from the teacher during Smart Lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Deadline dates for recovering targets will be established due to the amount of material being covered over the course of the semester. Please know these dates are for proving targets only. Students must have documented effort/practice prior to the posted deadlines.
Student's Guide To Target Recovery:

-Take a look at your grade in PowerSchool to see which targets you can retake.  Any target with a score of less than 4/5 can be recovered.

-Look at your test/quiz and rework each target that you need to make up.  What mistakes did you make?  What questions do you still have?  Get help from Ms. Malloy, Mrs. Burnett, a classmate, an online resource, or a friend.

- Come in during smart lunch to practice this skill.  Find the target you need in the “Math 1 Target Retake” or “Math 2 Target Retake” binder and work through two questions from each target that you plan to retake.  Ms. Malloy and Mrs. Burnett will be there to help answer any questions on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the first half of lunch. 

- Return to smart lunch at least one day later to officially retake the target.  I want you to show that you have retained the concept/skill, so retakes cannot be done the same day you practice them.  The retake needs to be done under the supervision of a teacher, so please plan to do these on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

- Turn in your retake to Ms. Malloy and check your grade in PowerSchool in the next few days to see how you did!

-Don’t hesitate to ask for more help if you still need it!  The goal of standards based grading is for you to continue to revisit concepts that you don’t understand.  Let’s get you to proficiency in ALL areas!