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Imagination in Engineering & Design

Posted by Steven Bachmeyer at 8/12/2014 8:00:00 AM
Like many of my generation, I grew up being fascinated and inspired by films and series such as Star Wars, Star Trek, The Black Hole, and The 6 Million Dollar Man. I used to spend hours fashioning replicas of lightsabers, phasers, and bionic hands out of tin foil, "borrowed" kitchen instruments, and model airplane parts. Every once in a while, the feeling of wonder still comes over me when I use my smart phone to accomplish tasks wirelessly and in my palm that were beyond the imagination of even the creators The Empire only 20 years ago.
A huge theme in my Engineering & Design Classroom this year is Creativity & Imagination. 
It is my goal that students begin to develop the ability to imagine infinite possibilities while they master the skills of engineering, design, and technology in order to truly be prepared to see beyond the horizon and truly being to invent the future.  
I ran across this article in Huffington post, that describes the role of artistic imagination in the realm of science fiction and how it influences scientific and technological development in the real world. Great stuff in here, check it out: