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How Do I Get Autodesk Inventor and 360 on my device and use it at home?

In order to get Inventor software on your Surface Pro you MUST download it from Software Center at school, on the BCS network. 

1. select the "windows" button and go to apps. Select "Software Center"...allow to fully load.

2. At the top right, click "Application Catalog". When it populates, you should see "Inventor Professional". Scroll down and right. Select Install. Click yes.

 It's a very large program and will take some time to download. 

3. When Inventor is loaded. Open the application. 

4. At the top right you will see a small "?" Icon. Click the drop down arrow next to it.

5. scroll down to "About Autodesk Inventor Professional" click.

6. A pop up box will appear. Click "Product Information". Then click "Borrow License"

7. When the calendar pops up, scroll forward advancing to 6 months in the future and select a date (the borrowed license will be good for 6 months).

8. when it provides the message that you've been successsful you're good to go.