AH I Course Description

Course Description:  American History I


  1. Purpose of the Course:

American History I is a survey course designed to introduce you to major themes, people, and events in US history from the pre-colonial era through Reconstruction and to provide opportunity for more exploration of content and depth of study.  The knowledge and historical thinking and writing skills learned in this class should allow you to understand the context for events in our nation today and help you to be a successful student and citizen in our modern republic.


II. Textbook:  

The Americans, McDougal Littell.

  • Online access to book at my.hrw.com for use at home
  • students will get usernames and passwords


III. Supplies for Interactive Notebook:

  • 2 spiral 9x11 notebooks, may be one subject; check size carefully as smaller ones are common
  • pencils and blue or black pens

Optional: purchase this for sharing, based upon the first letter in your last name: 

  • (A-I) thin markers, color pencils, or crayons 
  • (J-R) a multi-pack of scotch tape or glue sticks
  • (S-Z) tissues


IV. Assignments and Grading:

A.    American History I is a course required for graduation with a mandatory county benchmark exam and an NC Final Exam at its end. The grade you make on the final exam will count 25% of your final average.

B. Class averages will be calculated in PowerSchool as follows: 

  • 20% each: tests, writing, and daily work/projects
  • 10% each: scholar words, quizzes, notebook, and class participation

C. The lowest daily grade will be dropped each 9 weeks if a signed progress report is returned to me.

D. Copying others’ work is cheating and results in a zero for both parties.


V. Classroom Expectations:

  • Be prepared for class.
  • Be involved in learning.
  • Be respectful of others and their property.
  • Follow the sign out policy correctly.
  • BYOD policy:  All devices in your backpack at the door! Personal devices should only be visible and in use when explicitly permitted by the teacher for a classroom activity.


VI: Classroom Consequences:

  • First offense: conference and immediate clean up task
  • Second offense: 1/2-hour detention and a call home


VII. Sign Out Policy:

You will be given 3 hall passes per 9 weeks.  These will take you to the restroom or any other legit place you need to go.  You must keep your passes yourself and sign and turn them in to use them.  You must also sign out on the log by the door.  Passes will not be remade if lost!


VIII. Homework and Make Up Work Policy

1. Late homework or class work will be accepted up to four days after the due date.  For each day an assignment is late it will drop a letter grade.

2. The standard school make-up work policy for absences will be followed: miss one day and get two days to make up the work.

3. Check for make-up work and late work notification on the table at the front.  A model notebook with homework assignments recorded, a basket with the handouts you missed, and lists of work not turned in are there for your use.

4. Canvas will be used for homework notifications and online assignment posting. We will download the app and log in together on the first day. Parents are invited to check Canvas as well!


IX. Study Skills

Study is to learning what practice is to a sport. Just as one has to practice a sport in order to perfect the skills needed to play the game well, one has to do the same in an academic class to truly gain new skills and learning.  Unlike a sport, however, where a coach monitors your every move, academic practice is largely unmonitored.  To really learn new material you must discover the most effective way to study (practice new learning) and discipline yourself to do so regularly. 


·     pre-read the new material for the next day using the syllabus as a guide

·     read over that day’s class notes each night

·     highlight and quiz yourself on key terms in your notes each night

·     complete vocabulary for the day