Club Descriptions

Many of our clubs are teacher-sponsored, but student-run. Please see below to read about the many options for current clubs at our school. If you're interested in or need more information on a club please speak to the listed advisor(s). If you have an idea for a club you want to start, please speak with administration for approval and information on starting a new club at NDA!

Art Club
Advisor: Ms. Reynolds
Meetings: Wednesdays, 2:30, Second Semester Only

Chess Club
Description: Chess Club provides a student with the opportunity to grow as chess players. Students will learn problem solving skills and patience. Our club welcomes all who are interested in playing Chess. 
Advisor: Mrs. Pruett
Meetings: Fridays, 2:30 - 3:30 in the cafeteria

Creative Writing
Description: Come join other student writers to start a new story, polish a piece, and get feedback from your peers! Every week we work towards a goal, and will be looking at submitting stories to contests later in the year. Do the WRITE thing...join Creative Writing Club!
Advisor: Ms. Fox and Mr. Kayler
Meetings: Thursdays, B Lunch in Mr. Kayler's room

Eliada Home Service Crew
Advisors: Mr. Tucker and Ms. Glass
Meetings: TBA

Environmental Club (YES)
Advisors: Mr. Tucker, Mrs. Kaiser, Mrs. Parker
Meetings: last Thursday of the month, A Lunch

Advisors: Mr. Tucker
Meetings: Mondays, 2:30 in Mrs. Parker's room

Get Outside Club
Advisors: Mr. Tucker, Ms. Glass, Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Lanahan
Meetings: Mondays only as announced, 2:30 in Mr. Tucker's room

Girl Up
Description: Girl Up is a global leadership development initiative, positioning girls to be leaders in the movement for gender equality. Girl Up provides leadership training and gives girls tools to become gender equality advocates and activists. Through our programs, girls broaden their social impact skill set, receive a platform to tell their stories, and apply STEM for social good. Our girl leaders create real policy change at local and national levels, raise millions of dollars to support United Nations programs that reach tens of thousands of girls around the world, and build community-based movements. Girl Up is an initiative of the UN Foundation, working across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide.
Advisor: Ms. Malloy
Meetings: Fridays, A Lunch in Ms. Malloy's room

Girls Who Code
Description: Girls Who Code is a computer science club dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology (and not just for girls). In this club, you will learn the fundamental comuter science concepts of loops, variables, conditionals and functions that form the basis for all computer programming languages while building your teamwork and leadership skills.  The club will participate in several coding competitions throughout the year (e.g. picoCTF, a cybersecurity competition held in September/October.)
Advisor: Ms. Reynolds
Meeting: Thursday, first half of lunch

Global Club
Advisor: Mrs. Jensen
Meetings: TBA

Advisor: Mr. Tucker, Ms. Reynolds
Meetings: Tuesdays, B lunch in Mrs. Hawkins' room

Knitting Club
Advisor: Mrs. Robinson
Meetings: Thursdays, A lunch in Ms. Robinson's room

Math Club
Description: The NDA Math Club is made up of students who exhibit a love for and a proficiency in mathematics. After several months of coaching, students will have the chance to compete individually and as teams. Our goal this year is to compete in at least two contests, including Furman Math Tournament, Charleston Math Tournament, Western Carolina University Math Contest, and the AMC 10/AMC 12.
Advisors: Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Wheeler
Meetings: Mondays, B Lunch in Mrs. Robinson's room and after school as announced

Mock Trial
Description: Mock Trial team meets regularly from the beginning of the school year and into the spring, preparing for an imaginary civil or criminal legal case and competing in a regional competition. The team consists of NDA students who have an interest in either law or drama, filling the roles as attorneys and/or witnesses. Regional competitions are held in February with the highest scoring teams going on the state and national competitions. Students with an interest in the law or acting are encouraged to attend exploratory meetings at the beginning of the school year, and to join the team if interested
Advisor: Mr. Irvin, Mrs. Yurkovich
Meetings: Fridays, A lunch

National Honor Society
Advisors: Mr. Tucker and Mr. Irvin
Meetings: 2nd Thursday each month, A lunch in minitorium

Poetry Club 
Description: The Poetry Club does a multitude of of poetic play including Poetry Out Loud, a national competition where students memorize and deliver anthologized poems. We also are working on Slam poems so that students can participate in youth slams in Asheville with other high schools. Additionally, students can share any poems that they have written or poems by writers they admire. The only requirement of poetry club is an appreciation of poetry, one may simply come and listen! 
Advisor: Mrs. Pruett, Mr. Kayler
Meetings: Fridays, A lunch

Political Discussion
Advisor: Mrs. Yurkovich
Meetings: Wednesdays, A lunch in Mrs. Yurkovich's room

Rocket Club
The American Rocketry Competition is the largest middle and high school rocketry competition in the world.  We will be designing a model rocket that must reach a certain height and fall back down in one piece, while holding a raw egg as a payload.  the club will include mathematics, design, engineering, problem solving, and physical science/physics. Students will be able to use the math and science they learn in class for real world applications.  Awards and scholarships are also available to students of high ranking reams.
Advisor: Ms. Reynolds
Meetings: Friday, second half of lunch and after school

Spanish Club
Advisor: Mrs. Hawkins
Meetings: TBA

Student Ambassadors
Description: Student Ambassadors are a small group of students dedicated to the positive promotion of Nesbitt Discovery Academy. They will work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the community, prospective students, and local business and industry. The student ambassadors' main job is to be a helpful, friendly face for new students in their first year of school. They also serve as peer mentors for 9th grade students. Students must apply every spring.
Advisors: Mrs. Yeager and Mrs. Jensen
Meetings: once per month group meetings + once per month 1:1 with mentee

Student Council
Description: The aim of the Student Council is to work in partnership with the administration, staff, parents, and students for the benefit of the whole school community. The Student Council will undertake a program of activities, which will support the school. In planning activities the Student Council will consult with the liaison teachers and administration (as needed). Each year the student body will elect two class representatives for each grade level and a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the study body. Non-elected members of the study body are eligible to serve on sub-committees, which will be formed and announced as needed.
Advisors: Mrs. Burnett and Ms. Malloy
Meetings: Wednesdays, A lunch in Mrs. Burnett's room

Technology Student Association (TSA)
Description: TSA is an extracurricular yet profoundly beneficial organization for our students that allows them to further pursue their own interests in STEM fields. Students will be given opportunities to take their STEM learning to the next level through engaging weekly activities held after school on various days from any number of Discovery Academy Advisors. Central to TSA are numerous competitive events, as well as opportunities for building leadership skills, and the experience is an advantage on higher education applications!
Advisors: Mr. Bachmeyer, Mr. Hylemon, Mrs. Kaiser, Ms. Reynolds
Meetings: Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00 in advisor's room. For more information visit the 
NDA TSA website.

TSA Vex Robotics Team
Description: The TSA VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) provides students with a hands-on, co-curricular competition for learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These events complement the existing technology-related competitions offered by the Technology Student Association (TSA). The TSA VEX competitions is designed to provide students with the same action-packed experience of VEX events and enable team members to participate in other national TSA conference competitions and activities. Any student enrolled at NDA is allowed to participate in Robotics Club at school but only two teams consisting of four students will travel to regional competition at Appalachian State University in February. For more information, please click the link below. It contains a detailed description of the VEX Nothing But Net - 2015-2016 VEX Robotics Competition Game. This is the challenge that we will be preparing to compete in.
Advisor: Mr. Hylemon
Meetings: Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30

Advisors: Ms. Fox and Mr. Kayler
Meetings: TBA

Trails Club
Advisors: Mr. Tucker and Ms. Glass
Meetings: Mondays, after school in Mr. Tucker's room

Description: The Yearbook Club will plan and create the NDA yearbook. Students will have the opportunity to learn photograph, page design, marketing, and journalism.
Advisor: Mr. Lanahan
Meetings: Mondays, B lunch

YCI (Youth Commission International)
Description: YCI is a student-led gathering to pray and study God's Word with the goal of shining the light of Jesus and showing authentic love to every student.
Student Leader:  Kelsey Shipman
Meetings: Wednesdays, B Lunch in Ms. Malloy's room