Essentials for College Math

Welcome to ECM! My goal is to help you prepare to be successful in your first college-level math course. This course allows us to spend time relearning and reviewing some of the most commonly missed concepts from Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3. It's not just about knowing HOW to do the steps, but also understanding WHY the steps work. Over the course of the semester we will sharpen necessary algebra skills, improve procedural fluency, work at mastering conceptual understanding, and review topics specific to MAT 171 (Precalculus: Algebra through AB Tech). Give this semester everything you have and you will improve!

Here's a look ahead at the major units we will cover:

Unit 1: Algebraic Expressions
Unit 2: Equations
Unit 3: Measurement and Proportional Reasoning
Unit 4: Linear Functions
Unit 5: Linear Systems of Equations
Unit 6: Quadratic Functions
Unit 7: Exponential Functions
Unit 8: Summarizing and Interpreting Statistical Data