Innovation Project

Elements of Innovation Project: Your semester project, largely researched and organized during class time, should contain the following elements.

Topic: Individual choice of a compelling innovation from any era and any nation EXCEPT the US. Theme: Examination of how an individual, group, or culture

  1. faced a certain circumstance or problem to solve (cause/context) created a  social, economic, technological, economic, or political solution (innovation) and altered circumstances for their group/culture/nation (effect/change)

Sources: Minimum of 6 in which 3 must be primary texts (not just images)

Bibliography: MLA format.  Created in Noodlebib. Properly annotated.

Content:  Display of historical accuracy, context, balance, analysis and interpretation.

Format: Effective use of one of the following formats: exhibit board, paper, drama, documentary, or Weebly website; scale models may accompany any format of project Project Planning Sheet