Students will be in an environment which focuses on engagement, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and inquiry.  Throughout their time at Nesbitt Discovery Academy, students will be immersed in project-based learning, allowing them to possibly develop solutions to "real-world" problems.  In addition, they will have the opportunity to establish partnerships/relationships with local businesses/industries and local colleges/universities.  
A Day in the Life...


9th Grade Courses 
English I Honors
Math I or Math II Honors
Earth Science Honors
Economics and Personal Finance Honors
PLTW--Introduction to Engineering
CIS 110 (A-B Tech course)
ACA 115 (A-B Tech course)
Physical Education/Health (PED 211)
1 Elective course: Computer Science Essentials-H, ART111, MUS110 or NCVPS
10th Grade Courses
English II Honors
Math III Honors and Advanced Level Math options
Biology Honors
Chemistry Honors 
American History II Honors
PLTW--Principles of Engineering 
2 Elective credits in Core, PLTW or College level
11th Grade Courses 
English III Honors
ENG 111/112 (mini-mester)
Math III Honors and Advanced Level Math options
American History: The Founding Principles, Civics and Economics 
Advanced Level PLTW course (DE, CEA, ES)
4 Elective credits in Core, PLTW or College level

12th Grade Courses
English IV Honors
ENG 232 (semester long) AND
ENG 241 (semester long)
Advanced Level Math options
HIS 111/112 (mini-mesters)
Honors World History
AP World History (semester long)
PLTW Engineering Design and Development
3-4 Electives credits in Core, PLTW or College level

Elective Choices are a combination of College Credit Courses, PLTW Engineering Courses, Additional Math/Science Courses and Spanish: 

ART 111 Art Appreciation (9-12)
BIO 111 General Biology (11-12)
BIO 112 General Biology II (11-12)
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers (9-12)
Career Management (10-12)
Chemistry Research H (11-12)
Chemistry AP  (11-12) pre-requisite Chemistry Research H 
COM 231 Public Speaking (11-12)
Honors Forensic Science NCSSM IVC Course (11-12)
Honors Genetics and Biotechnology NCSSM IVC Course (11-12)
HEA 110 Personal Health and Wellness (11-12)
HUM 110 Technology in Society (10-12)
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy
MAT 152 Statistical Methods
MAT 171 Pre-Calculus Algebra
MAT 172 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
MAT 271 Calculus I
MAT 272 Calculus II
MUS 110 Music Appreciation (9-12)
Orchestra (9-12)
Physics Honors (11-12)
Physics AP (11-12)  pre-requisite Physics H suggested
PLTW Computer Science Essentials Honors (9-12)
PLTW Computer Science Principles AP (10-12)
PLTW Computer Science A  AP (11-12)

PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture- successful completion of IED and POE
PLTW Cybersecurity (11-12)
PLTW Digital Electronics- successful completion of IED and POE (11-12)
PLTW Environmental Sustainability- successful completion of IED and POE
PSY 150 General Psychology (10-12)
SOC 210 Intro to Sociology (10-12)
Spanish I, II Honors- 10th-12th grade (rising 9th graders who completed high school level Spanish I may be considered for Spanish II)
Wellness and Human Performance (10-12)

College Course Policies:

Course Grades

Students must earn a C or higher in order to earn college credit for a course.   A grade of D in a college course will earn high school elective credit only. Please also refer to A-B Tech’s Grading System.  

Course Withdrawals

Students will not be allowed to drop any college courses until they have met with the school counselor. Unless the withdrawal occurs within the first 10 days of school, students who withdraw from a college course will receive an “F” for that course on their high school transcript. The failing grade will be removed from the high school transcript when the student retakes the course and makes a passing mark.

If withdrawing from a course will leave a student with fewer than four courses, he or she will be assigned to a mandatory Success Lab each day for the remainder of the semester.