Tours/Parent Nights/Open House Dates

Tour Dates
To Be Announced

If you are currently attending a BCS Middle School, you will take a tour with your 8th grade class (these tours have already been scheduled).  If you are NOT a part of the BCS system and would like a tour, you can join in with our middle schools on any of the following dates.  Please keep in mind that applicants must be in his/her 8th grade year and must reside in one of the 6 Buncombe County School Districts (not the Asheville City School District):

Parent Nights:
All parent nights start at 6pm and are held AT the following middle schools:

AC Reynolds Middle: February 2020
Valley Springs Middle: February 2020
North Buncombe Middle: February 2020
Owen Middle School: February 2020
Cane Creek Middle School: February 2020
Enka Middle School: February or March 2020
Erwin Middle: February or March 2020

Open House Dates at NDA:
Date To Be Announced 6pm-7pm

What makes this school different? 
The focus on science, technology, engineering and math; the involvement and support of local business and industry to drive economic development; and the presence of college and university connections; makes this school different from our traditional schools. 
Who is eligible to attend? 
Students from any of our six attendance districts in Buncombe County Schools can apply. Each year, a maximum of 100 ninth grade students will be selected to attend through an application and lottery process based on selection criteria.  Those who are not selected will be placed on a waiting list.
Why is the new school centered on STEM? 
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics help prepare students for a variety of careers. STEM education prepares all students with flexible and adaptable competence in math, science and technology as well as the ability to design and communication solutions to real world problems.
How do I know if this school is a good fit for my child? 
Students who would like a personalized learning experience with extensive hands-on learning will be excited by this new school. The focus on science, technology, engineering, and math will help prepare students for a challenging world. Students will acquire skills through this school that will serve them well in college, careers and life.
FAQ text taken from North East Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience out of the Farm Bureau NC Summer 2013 Magazine. The NWRS of Biotech and Agriscience is part of the New Schools Network