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I am excited for the opportunity to explore mathematics with your student.

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How do I check my student's grade?
AB Tech Mathematics course grades are not shown on PowerSchool.  Ask your student to log into Moodle and click on "Grades" on one of the sidebars.  The grade for each assignment is displayed, along with the course average. 

  • What supports are available for my student outside of class?
    -  Success Lab once a week for 70 minutes to work on assignments and ask questions
    -  SmartLunch twice a week for 30 minutes each day to ask questions related to math or study skills
    -  Periodic student conferences to discuss College Readiness skills

My student wants to do better on his/her next test.  What are some study ideas?
-  Don't become reliant on "help/example" features of homework.  Use when necessary, but students should
   practice doing questions on their own to mimic a quiz or test situation

- Read the textbook or e-book.  Reading a math textbook takes time and careful attention to elements you don't    
  understand.  When you reach something that you are confused about, re-read and consider using the e-book
  videos and tutorials in the side bar.

- Find an effective study buddy.  Studying with the wrong person can be distracting, but studying with an effective
  study buddy can work well.

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