Parent Letter

Physical Science

John Mizell


Phone: 828.271.4521

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I’m very excited to work with your children this year at Discovery Academy. Below is a list of items that need to be completed that will ensure your child’s success in our class. At any time, if you have questions, please feel free to email me.

  1. Text Message RemindersParents and students should both sign up for this. If you would like text message reminders and updates for our class, please text “@64gb6a” to 81010 and follow the instructions.
  3. Online TextbookStudents – go to and make a student account. Once you are signed in, click Groups, Join a Group, and enter the code “r2gjl.” You’ll be able to use the online textbook once you’ve joined our group. 

  4. Canvas and PowerSchool – Students and Parents – you should get information on how to log in to Canvas and Power School at the beginning of the year from the front office. Parent login is through Parent Portal and students can log in through Parent Portal where it says “Student Login.” 

Materials List for Mr. Mizell’s Class

Each student will need the following:

  • Two Composition Notebooks
  • Mechanical pencils with a white eraser
  • Additional supplies might be needed as we get into certain projects throughout the year, but a list will be sent home prior to those projects.

Thank you again and I look forward to see you all again soon.


John Mizell

Earth/Environmental and Physical Science Teacher

Martin L. Nesbitt Jr. Discovery Academy


Procedures to Succeed

  1. With your child, check their Canvas and Power School for updated assignments and grades on a regular basis. Also, please make sure your child has the login information for Power School/Parent Portal so they can check their grades on a regular basis as well.
  2. Before Unit Tests, review the unit topic “Scale” handout, Unit Review Packet, and complete the Unit Practice Problems, which can be found on Canvas, to check their ability.  The Scale is like a check off list of understanding. They want to be at level 3, which means they should be able to demonstrate they understand each item within that level. Also, students can use the Practice Problems, on Canvas, to check their understanding. If they need help, they can use Smart Lunch to get tutoring.
  3. Homework – The only required homework in Earth and Physical Science is a quiz once a topic (Motion, Force and Motion, Energy, etc.) over the concepts covered in class and short concept readings on To do well on the quizzes, students need to read the sections in the online book the quiz is over and take notes prior to taking the quiz.
    1. Additional Homework might occur if students do not finish classwork in class. This can include simulators, Lab Questions, and/or other class assignments.
  4. Once homework and classwork is completed, they need to show me in class to check it off and receive credit. They can do this during SMART Lunch. I like to check if students understand the homework before checking them off.
  5. I usually put in homework/quiz grades into Power School throughout the week and mainly on the weekends. If your student is claiming that they have completed the homework/quiz, they can show you the completed work. It should be in their composition notebook and it will have a check mark on it if I have checked it or it will be marked as “Submitted” on Canvas, if it is an online submission. I do accept late work, so if they missed the due date they still can complete and turn in the assignment. Quizzes are taken on Canvas and students can go back after completing it to review their answers. Please make sure they are reviewing the quizzes before the unit tests, because they might see those questions again (hint, hint, wink, wink J).
  6. Please use Canvas for assignment due dates and Parent Portal for actual grades.
  7. Makeup Work – if your child was out and missed a lab, the best thing would be for them to stay after to do the lab they missed to be able to grasp the concept. If that is not an option, they can do the “Points to Consider” questions at the end of each section for the chapter we are currently on in the online textbook.

Follow Up

1. If your child has a zero it means it's missing and it still can be turned in. If they are saying they've completed the assignment, they should be able to show you their submitted assignment on Canvas or it will have a check on it in their composition notebook. If they click the assignment it should have a note on the right of the page about submitting with the time and a green check.

2. Please make sure you've joined Remind101 to receive text message reminders about assignments and grades. You can join by texting @64gb6a” to 81010 and follow the instructions.

3. Please check their quiz grades with them on Canvas/Power School. It's important that they review their answers and make sure to review the textbook to why they might have gotten something wrong. These questions will appear again in a similar form on the tests. 

4. Please, Please, Please make sure they are reading the chapters and taking notes at home!!! This will help them a ton on quizzes and tests!!! We do review the material in class, but class time is very limited and I want to make sure they are doing as much hands-on as possible. 

In the future, I will just be sending out a text message saying "I'm up to date on grades." So once again, please make sure you join Remind101. With your support, I look forward to helping your kids succeed in Science. Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.    


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